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Fisherman Fireworks of Liuyang Online Promotion Event

2022. 08.18

Our general manager Vivian Wei ,as a representative of fireworks companies participated in the online promotion event on March 24 ,2022

It mainly introduces production areas, product categories and market shares. In 2021, the total export value was reached 3.33 billion yuan, and domestic sales was reached 17.17 billion yuan. On the basis of product innovation, more attention has been paid to the fun and interactivity of products, and a series of popular urban fireworks have appeared, such as Gatling, sparklers etc., from the production process, more professional, intelligent, More than 90% of the drug-related processes in production are mechanized, so that human-machine separation and human-medicine separation are achieved, which not only ensures the safety of personnel, but also increases production capacity to meet market demand; finally, at the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games, we should still remember the shocking images presented by the perfect combination of traditional pyrotechnics and new technology. Through our innovation in traditional industries, let the Chinese people fall in love with fireworks, and let the world fall in love with fireworks, this is the real spring of our industry.


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