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Chinese Fireworks Use Occasions

2023. 02.17

Zozizira, wotchedwanso zozimitsa moto or Baozhu in China, are widely used in occasions like festivals, weddings and business-opening ceremonies.  As an indispensable part of Chinese folk culture, it has a history of more than 2,000 years.  The largest usage of fireworks in China usually comes from the celebration of the Chinese New Year (Spring Festival).



With the most massive usage of fireworks on this planet, Chinese apply it in many recreational and ceremonial occasions like public festivals, weddings and even funeral ceremonies. Here is a list of the most common occasions.


Chaka Chatsopano cha China


Among all traditional festivals and holidays, firecracker use is the most massive during the Chinese New Year. People will set off them on Chinese New Year's Eve, First New Year Day and the Lantern Festival. It is meant to say goodbye to the old and welcome the new, and people believe it brings good luck and happiness.

qingming festival


This is a woeful occasion, so the usage is not for celebration but for commemoration. It is said that the deceased will be awakened by the sound and take the offerings. Now this custom is usually seen in rural areas.

Mwambo wa Ukwati


When people have their wedding ceremonies, especially the traditional style of wedding, the firecrackers are quite necessary, bringing blessings and happiness to the newlyweds



In funerals, firecrackers are used to memorialize, and people use them to see off the dead



When moving into a new house, the house owner's friends and relatives will come to celebrate the move by setting off firecrackers.

Opening a Shop


People set off firecrackers to foreshadow a favorable business start. It is also a good way to make people around get to know the new shop instantly.

Project Start and Completion


When a construction project is started, firecrackers will be utilized to call for smooth development and accident avoidance. Sometimes, when a great project is accomplished successfully, people will also set off fireworks for celebration.