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Fireworks Shipping Cost Updates

2023. 03.14

   The last several years have been extremely challenging for our industry, with a perfect storm of global supply chain issues, skyrocketing import costs, and unfavorable exchange rates driving up costs, forcing everyone to increase prices. Today, we’re seeing improvements in all these key areas, most notably in container shipping costs. 

We’re excited to announce that we’ve Aktualiséierungnew LOWERshipping cost  for2023! 


AS shipping cost down for 2023 ,Container shipping rates impact larger items the most, that's fireworks wholesale able to make the largest price cuts.

Review shipping cost rates impact for 2022:



Fireworks will be a bit more expensive than normal this year as industry-wide shipping costs increase and demand stays steady.

 Inflation has been a recent trending topic. Many Americans are having to refigure their budgets from rent to even holidays.

The Fourth of July may look a bit different for many families this year due to the cost of fireworks being impacted by inflation.

The reported that overall costs across the firework industry are up 35%. This is due to raising the cost of supplies, raw materials, shipping and transportation costs and even insurance.


Some local families are coming together to purchase their fireworks as a group. "They get a better savings, and then they're able to do their show altogether,"

Luckily, a lot is going in the Tampa Bay area, so check out these festivities that allow you to stay in the area to celebrate.


Shipping cost down impact for 2023:



Directly fireworks wholesaleLOWER wholesale prices for 2023! On average, you’ll save about 15% compared to 2022 .

Today, we’re seeing improvements in all these key areas, most notably in container shipping costs.

We’re fast approaching April and the start of our Early Ship Sale for 2023, which is by far the best time of the year to buy wholesale fireworks. Why? Because you can save an extra 10% off our already low pricing and get first pick of what’s new!


This year is a little different than year’s past, so keep reading for all of the important details.

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