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The Ancestor Of Chinese Fireworks

2022. 10.22

Li Tián, the ancestor of Chinesefireworks, was born on April 18 in the fourth year of Wude in the Tang Dynasty (621 AD) in Mashi Village at the junction of Liling 、Shangli and Liuyang, which is on the border of Hunan and Jiangxi.


According to legend, at that time, the disasters were successive years and the plague was prevalent. Li Tian used a small bamboo tube to fill the gunpowder, guide it to light it, and use the gunpowder smoke to disperse the miasma in the mountains, reducing the epidemic of the plague, firecrackers were quickly popularized . Therefore, Li Tian was regarded as the ancestor of fireworks by the fireworks industry. At present, the main fireworks producing areas, Liuyang and Liling in Hunan,Shangli and Wanzai in Jiangxi all pay tribute to him on April 18th of the lunar calendar , and build the landmark of Litian Square and park.


The Liuyang Fireworks Festival is famous in the world.

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