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2023. 01.05

A sparkler is a firework that glows and sparks as you hold in you hand. A sparkler burns very slowly, giving you time to wave it around and make patterns in the dark before its flame goes out. Most sparklers are thin pieces of flexible metal that are partly coated with chemicals that burn and sparkle.


Sparklers come in many varieties There are colored sparklers, whistling sparklers, crackling sparklers, and gold sparklers just to name a few. Sparklers are also available in many colors and sizes, so that you can create the perfect atmosphere for your occasion.


Here are some safety precautions that should be taken when using sparklers:

Never let very young children hold sparklers or get too close to them.

Even if you think children are old enough to use sparklers, make sure they use them safely. Show them how to hold the sparkler and what part they should never touch.

Instruct children to never run or goof around while holding a sparkler.

Explain that sparklers should never be put too close to their own body or that of someone else.Only hold one sparkler at a time.

Make sure there are no flammable materials nearby when using sparklers.

Never try to relight a sparkler that didn’t work.

Don’t make your own sparklers.

Soak all sparklers in a bucket of water before throwing them away.

Looking for a safer way for kids to join in the fun during summer holidays? Give them some glow sticks, streamers, noise makers, confetti or bubbles. These can be just as festive without the risk of injury that comes from sparklers.


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