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Roman Candle Fireworks

2022. 10.22

What are roman candles fireworks?

Roman candleis a traditional type of firework,constructed with bentonite, lifting charge, pyrotechnic star, black powder, and delay charge. Many Roman Candles have a variety of effects in each one. Color pearl candles are a popular classic. There are also whistles, crackles and bang effects. Roman Candles shoot flaming balls or stars into the sky, one at a time, with a pause between each shot. Roman candles are a favourite for kids to watch.

What’s the structure of a typical Roman candle?


Fuse:This is located on the top of most larger candles under a protective cover which you pull off first . The fuse runs into the tube and ignites a lifting charge, popping the shell out of the open top and into the air where it explodes.

Tube: Candle bundles have multiple tubes which usually fire at the same time .

Warning label and instructions:The important things you need to know how to light it safely the candles , the candle’s classification and so on.

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