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Production Situation

2023. 12.14

It’s the peak production period again,especially for this year ,our domestic demand is very strong

Which has brought great pressure for foreign orders, and there are also many factors affecting production:

1. Raw material pricing : the cost of black powder has increased at least 60% compared with November,with the price increase,has led to slower factory production .

2. Goverment control: the goverment is strickly controlling raw material supply to avoid market overstock.therefore , if there are workers ,they will not do more due to shortage of material .

3. Production category shortage: More and more domestic markets are opening up ,the demand is increased sharply ,because of this ,   cakes products  is extremely shortage.

4. Factory production preference : Factory prefer to produce domestic orders ,because they are not required to either pass or conform AFSL standards, the margin are not only higher ,but quantities are larger than in other markets ,U.S included .and workers also like to do simply and easy products.


In the end ,hope all orders can be finished as earlier as possible .

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