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Novelty Fireworks

2023. 03.08

Novelty Fireworks means small devices containing limited amounts of pyrotechnic explosive or composition that produce a visible or audible effect.


Novelty Fireworks are also known as Safe and Sane Fireworks. A great category of fireworks to celebrate with the whole family. Our novelty fireworks include items :Examples include snakes, cone fountains, ground-bloom flowers, spinners and other novelty fireworks that don't travel or shoot up in any way. Many of these are often sold in the kid-friendly section of a fireworks store, and in assortment packs that are designed for children.


These handheld, ground effect fireworks are the perfect party favor to get the crowd lit up or liven up a low-key backyard barbecue.


Firework Safety. When using novelty fireworks, we strongly insist that you take the right steps to ensure that you have a safe display for everyone involved.


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