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Liuyang Weekend Fireworks Show

2023. 03.08

Liuyang is the famous fireworks hometown in the world. Liuyang fireworks are beautiful in shape, bright in color and reliable in quality, known as "Liuyang fireworks shaking the world".

"Meet Liuyang River and watch fireworks on weekends" Liuyang will prepare 48 fireworks shows throughout 2023. Every Saturday and holidays will be fully open and free of charge.


On February 25th, the first weekend fireworks show bloomed on the Liuyang River at 8:00 pm. "This time the fireworks are mainly water surface fireworks, with rich and full colors. Surrounding the Liuyang Scenic Bridge, the scene of colorful butterflies flying and flying with each other is specially designed. With the Scenery Bridge as the butterfly body, the fireworks shoot out colorful wings from both sides of the bridge, as if butterflies are flying on the water.


On March 4th, the second weekend fireworks show was staged in the Sky Theater. The audience counted down together, and then the "Damei Liuyang" subtitles bloomed wonderfully in the night sky., With the rhythm of the dynamic music, bunches of dazzling sparks rise into the sky, sometimes firing left and right, and sometimess spinner and emit in perfect harmony with the music.


‘’A river of poems and paintings filled the city with fireworks’’. Remember to bring your friends to Liuyang to watch the fireworks.

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