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How to store fireworks safely at home

2023. 01.05

 Fireworks is beautiful , always have many colors and shape actually these associated effects have names. Here we look at the most common firework effects.

1. Dahlia: Its main feature is that a single bright star emits light .also the Dahlia effect is often accompanied by a "strobe" effect.EX: red dahlia white strobe


2.Wave : Its characteristic is the head of different colors + gold/silver/other colors of tail .It can be compared vividly: the effect of the wave is like a meteor (spherical meteor shower)


3.Coconut (the effect is similar to wave, the flame is thicker than wave): its effect is very similar to wave, The only difference is the thickness of the effect. The effect of coconut is thicker than that of wave.


4.Brocade crown and corolla (drawn and slender, often drooping): After the brocade crown bursts, there are many golden brushes, which are very long and have a drooping effect. The effect of the corolla is similar to the brocade crown, but slightly different. The difference between the corolla and the brocade crown is that the corolla has a golden flash effect in the brushing, but the brocade crown does not.Brocade crown: Corolla:


5.Crossette: This is an effect which ‘spawns’ several other effects. E.g. an exploding coloured star which releases several other coloured stars


6.Willow effect: Similar to a palm tree effect, but more like a willow tree’s weeping branches.


7.Waterfall (small explosion range, drooping wire drawing): Waterfall is an effect of sparks drooping and lasting for a long time


8.Falling leaves: This effect gives the impression of falling leaves, drifting downwards in a calm, pleasing manner.


9.Fish: Named after its swimming, wriggling appearance, the fish is often coloured and is easy on the ears.


10.Crackling ,time rain (single effect is called "chrysanthemum", often appearing together with other effects): crackling /time rain is a firework bomb filled with small particles that can explode independently, and explode when the burst charge is ignited these pills are ignited at the same time. make a large explosion. (If it is a single crackling, it can be called a chrysanthemum.)


Whistle: A whistling sound in a firework, made by the material being burned rather than the effect of flight.


Brocade crown Tail: the fading stream of light behind the firework.


Spinner: A rapidly-spinning aerial effect, usually silver. May emit noise and release stars.



Ring effect: Expanding 2D ring/circle generated using numerous stars. Generally professional but some public-sale fireworks offer something similar.


Comet: This effect leaves a persistent, glittering trail, often in the form of a star.


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