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Fountain Fireworks

2023. 05.25

Fountains are fireworks that are ground based.

Once lit, they erupt beautifully coloured sparks and often whistle or crackle. Fountain fireworks can reach up to 20ft in height. These fireworksare perfect for all types of displays - both low noise and larger displays


Are fountain fireworks loud?

Unlike standard fireworks, fountain fireworks do not produce loud bangs, so they are a great option for low noise displays. Fountains with coloured stars (jellybean) and silver sparks produce amazing lights and their “whoosh” sounds don't travel far.


How do you get a fountain effect in fireworks?

A fountain (also referred to as a gerb) is a thick walled cardboard tube that is filled with pressed pyrotechnic composition. It has a solid clay plug at the base and a nozzle or choke at the exhaust end. At effect time the composition burns and the choke generates intense pressure inside the tube.


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