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2022. 12.13

Every year from December , the entire fireworks industry enters the peak period of production.

It just so happens that the New Year in 2023 is earlier than in previous years, which will undoubtedly bring a certain of production pressure to all factories, but they have also done enough preparations for production in advance, the workers are carrying out each process in an orderly manner to ensure that all products are qualified.


The ancients found that fireworks can drive away the plague. Due to the COVID in recent years, more and more cities can shoot off fireworks, so that the domestic market has been particularly hot in the past two years, and orders have increased sharply. For factories, this is indeed very good news , and now workers are making the very popular Gatling Fireworks.


This year the foreign trade orders of the US have dropped, but the orders from Europe and other countries have increased. For the factory, they can better arrange the production time reasonably to ensure the supply of various markets.


In total, during the busiest time, safe production is the most important thing.

 It is necessary to strengthen the safety inspection and supervision of all links to ensure that all processes are carried out in accordance with the requirements and to ensure the quality and quantity of goods.

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