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Fireworks Development History

2022. 10.22

Fireworks come from gunpowder,our Country is the hometown of gunpowder, and gunpowder is one of our ancient civilizations.

 As early as more than 1,300Years ago, Sun Simiao, a famous medical scientist, recorded in detail the composition and properties of gunpowder at that time in the "Danjing". It was only in the 14th century that it was introduced to Europe from India and Arabia. At this point, Westerners only knew that there was gunpowder.


During the Sui and Tang Dynasties, gunpowder developed into fireworks for entertainment. Fireworks, also known as fireworks. Emperor Yang of the Sui Dynasty wrote in a poem: "A thousand lights shine on a tree, and seven branches bloom with flowers and flames.


The "shelf fireworks" or "bonsai fireworks" of the Song Dynasty have taken shape. Every Lantern Festival, dignitaries and giants compete for beauty. The lyricist Xin Qiji once had the phrase "a thousand trees are blooming in the east wind at night, and even blowing down, the stars are like rain", which is a vivid and vivid description of it.


Fireworks used to be called Western fireworks. It was returned from Western Europe during the Qing Dynasty. Its development is closely related to chemical industry and metallurgical industry. With the development of science and technology, fireworks have formed a discipline.


The bright light of fireworks comes from those chemically active metals such as aluminum, magnesium, titanium, zirconium and other powders. These metal powders combine with oxygen in the air and burn violently. The temperature can reach more than 3,000 degrees, so they emit dazzling light. These metal powders are called luminescent agents. As for the colorful, it is all about the power of the coloring agent. The so-called colorants are actually some common metal salts. It turned out that metal salts can be decomposed at high temperatures, and different metal vapors have different spectra - emitting their own inherent colored light.With these basic colors, it is not difficult to match various colors.


Look, how beautiful the festive night sky is!


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